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Saturday, 1 October 2011

One Month Blog Birthday

Hey everyone! 
I just wanted to write this and thank you all for being so amazing to me. The 29th of September marked my one month of blogging and this may sound cliche but I couldn't have done it with out you guys. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments I read and try to visit each and everyone of you. Also, I cannot believe it but I have 27 FOLLOWERS!! That's just soo amazing! I started this blog after following others for so long and am very glad I did as I am having a wonderful time talking and sharing my opinions on books here!
I hope that you continue to visit my blog and that my post will entertain you. I am looking forward to talking about books with you guys for many more months to come!
Thank you one again to everybody! And now I shall leave you with this yummy cake ^_^


  1. Happy month!! =D
    I wish I could bite that cake! looks yummy ^__^
    keep on posting and reviewing ^_^


Hey everyone! Thank you soo much for taking the time to leave a comment! I read and treasure all of your comments ^_^

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