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Saturday, 22 October 2011

In My Mailbox (8)

Welcome to this weeks IMM!
In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi from The Story Siren.

This week I got:

The Lying Game - Sara Shepard (Goodreads/Amazon)
The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1)
I had a life anyone would kill for.Then someone did.The worst part of being dead is that there’s nothing left to live for. No more kisses. No more secrets. No more gossip. It’s enough to kill a girl all over again. But I’m about to get something no one else does—an encore performance, thanks to Emma, the long-lost twin sister I never even got to meet.
Now Emma’s desperate to know what happened to me. And the only way to figure it out is to be me—to slip into my old life and piece it all together. But can she laugh at inside jokes with my best friends? Convince my boyfriend she’s the girl he fell in love with? Pretend to be a happy, carefree daughter when she hugs my parents good night? And can she keep up the charade, even after she realizes my murderer is watching her every move?
From Sara Shepard, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of thePretty Little Liars books, comes a riveting new series about secrets, lies, and killer consequences.
Let the lying game begin.
Lost In Time - Melissa De La Cruz (Goodreads/Amazon)
Lost in Time (Blue Bloods, #6)
After their beautiful yet brief bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force are forced to separate. To fulfill the Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler travels to Alexandria to search for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise. But Schuyler quickly discovers that everything she believed about the Gate to be wrong. Meanwhile, Jack makes the difficult decision to return to New York to face his twin and former bond mate  Mimi. But instead of a bitter reunion, he is faced with a choice for which there is no good option. 
Mimi, with a most unexpected travel companion in Oliver Hazard-Perry, jets off to Egypt, too, to search for Kingsley Martin, her long lost love. With all roads leading to Hell, Mimi learns that not all love stories have happy endings. But she'll have to put her own feelings aside if she's going to save her crumbling Coven. 
Packed with heartache, twists, and vampiric folklore, Lost in Time is sure to satisfy hungry fans' cravings for more Blue Bloods adventure.
Oh boy, am I excited to read these two books! I can't wait to read Lost in Time. I've been reading the Blue Blood series ever since the first book came out and there still coming! Also, I met Melissa at the Smart Chicks Tour and she is amazing! Now, as you all probably know, Sarah Shepard is the author of the hit book series Pretty Little Liars. Which is also a TV series. I personally have only watched a few episodes here and there but my best friend is a huge fan of The Lying Game TV series which is based on Sara's new books. Anyways my friend fell in love with the show and introduced me to it. And I have to say it is pretty EPIC! But sadly, last Monday was the mid-season finale which means that I have to wait all the way till January. So... what better way to wait than to read the books?!



  1. Awesome! You got THE LYING GAME. I love the PLL series, but I haven't gotten around to reading TLG yet.

    Happy reading :)

  2. Great books this week! I love The Lying Game TV show and I don't know why but I'm scared to read the book.

    Hope you enjoy your books and Happy reading!

  3. Those look like really fab reads.

    I hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM :)

  4. Oooh, I really want to read both of these! :) I haven't read any of the Blue Bloods novels yet!

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

    Liza @ Book Crook Liza

  5. Great books!
    I read another book by Sara Shepard about a week ago, I'm pretty sure you'll like this one :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Here's my IMM post
    Vicky xxx

  6. Everybody loves Sara Sheppard. I hope you like the books you got this week. Have a nice weekend.

  7. Wow, Lying Game sounds really good! Thanks for stopping by my IMM.

    Goldilox :)

  8. Nice mailbox this week! I really want The Lying Game - it sounds great - I hope you enjoy your haul :)

    New follower - I really like your blog :)
    My IMM

  9. I am in love with the Blue Bloods series, I also picked up Lost in Time. And then, The Lying Game was a great read. I am very suspicious of Charlotte's dad but it might just be me. Have fun reading both of them!

    Thanks for commenting on ours!


  10. I bought The Lying Game last year and still have yet to read it. I've heard good things about it. So I should probably read it soon :) I hope that you enjoy your new books!

    Ladybug Storytime

  11. I really enjoyed The Lying Game! I started the Blue Bloods series but never got a chance to continue it. I really need to get busy and read the second one before I completely forget the first one (it might be too late, I'm not sure I remember it at all).

  12. Nice! Haven't read these, but hope you enjoy them!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. The Lying Game sounds very fascinating. Have fun reading :)

    My IMM post

  14. lost in time looks great! i've never read the pretty little liars books.

  15. I haven't read either of those series but they both look good! Happy reading. :)


  16. I have the Lying Game at home but I have yet to get to it it sounds really cool.

    Xpresso Reads

  17. Great set! I loved The Lying Game. I want to read the new Blue Bloods book.
    My IMM

  18. Hope you enjoy The Lying Game as much as I did. The second book is out called Never Have I Ever, but I've not read that one yet.

  19. I haven't read any of the Blue Bloods novels yet, but I have the first one. I should probably get on that :) Happy Reading

    My IMM

  20. I got Lost in Time too! And I also met Melissa at Smart Chicks- I was so excited. It's great meeting authors.

    I liked the Lying Game so I hope you like it too!

    Overall you got two awesome books... Enjoy!

    Tantalizing Illusions 

  21. Lost in Time looks amazingg!!! I can't wait to read it! But I'm also really excited for the series to just end... LOL

  22. hey dear =)
    I havent read any of these book @_@ I sux! looking forward to read your opinion about them =D

    thanks for stopping by ^_^
    I;ve been kinda absent bcs Im on exams period @_@ sux!!

  23. Thanks for stopping by my mailbox! OOHHH! You got The Lying Game!!!!!! I've been dying to read that!!!! Enjoy your books!!!

  24. Hi there,

    New Follower:D

    I have all the Blue Bloods but not yet read them. Really should:D



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