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Friday, 19 April 2013

Book News - Divergent

And it's official the title of the third and final installment in the Divergent Trilogy was revealed today!


Oh my goodness I cannot wait!
I love the title although I wouldn't have minded Detergent! After the ending of Insurgent, Allegiant is a very curious title. Are alliances changing? If so with what? So many question and so little answers. All I can say is I need this book.

Note: I love the little video, if it was meant to make me excited then it succeeded



  1. I have Divergent but I still have to read it. I will before the movie comes out. I just like to read a series all together, I don't like waiting years to finish a series. Great post! I'm a new follower & I'm enjoying your posts :)

    1. I know what you mean I read the divergent and ever since I've been dying for the years to pass so I could my hands on the next book. Yet, as much as I would like to wait till series are all out I just don't have the self control and patience to wait :) oh well all the more reason to reread!

    2. That's true, we can always re-read the previous books. That's what I did with Immortal and The Hollow (the reviews are on my blog) the only books I've re-read. I understand that sometimes we hear so many good things about a series that we just have to read it, that's what happened to me with The Mortal Instruments series and it's my favorite series! I can't wait for the movie! Also thanks so much for following! :)


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